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Strength & Conditioning coaching now available at Physio Inverness

There is a common misconception that strength training is only for those looking to change their body shape or for the athletic population aiming to gain an edge over their opponents. This is far from the truth, strength training is for everybody regardless of age, gender, injury history or body type, everyone can benefit from increasing their strength and enhancing their movement quality. Exercise looks different for everyone and the pursuit of fitness takes many forms. Some people aspire to run a marathon or to squat double their bodyweight, others aim to stand up from a chair unassisted or to walk without pain, regardless of the outcome, the process of developing strength can be rewarding, empowering and possibly life changing.

At Physio Inverness Strength and Conditioning, our approach to your training will be personal and bespoke. Our methods are based on industry best practices and our services constantly progress by keeping up to date with academic literature. During the initial consultation, clients will undergo a movement competency assessment relevant to their own goals and requirements. Strength, mobility and power testing may also be carried out for those wishing to develop their physical capabilities for sport. Following this, a personalised training plan will be created which will be progressed over time. For current physiotherapy clients aiming to progress their rehabilitation or training, relevant information will be discussed between the physiotherapist and strength coach to ensure that the best level of support can be provided.

Our team has extensive experience in supporting athletes from grass roots level to elite and professional athletes, across a wide range of both team and individual sports. Our services for sports people will involve athletic ability testing, with programmes and training sessions tailored to meet the specific physiological and biomechanical demands of each sport. Building strength can ensure a higher degree of robustness for athletes to help protect against injuries and can also aid in the development of improved sports performance, be that through improved force production in a golfer’s drive or by improving the running economy of an endurance athlete.

This is a unique training environment, where clients will receive a one to one service from a UKSCA accredited coach working alongside Chartered Physiotherapists. So get in touch now to book your first session.

To book your first strength and conditioning session with our resident coach, Gordon Mowat then click the green button below to get started and book online.

If you'd like more information please just get in touch by phone or email. We are very excited to get started with this new service!