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Physiotherapist David MacFadyen joins our clinical team from Celtic FC

We are absolutely delighted to welcome senior sports physiotherapist, David MacFadyen to our clinic. David joined our team in December 2020 from Celtic FC. We spoke to physio David MacFadyen about his experience and how he hopes to use his knowledge to apply it to the clients attending our clinic at Physio Inverness.

Having worked in full time football for the last 6 years, with ICTFC and Celtic David says he has gained a great deal of experience and knowledge in injury diagnosis, management and rehabilitation. He recognises that being injured can be an extremely frustrating experience and having a clear plan as to how to overcome it is vital.

David says, "Over my time in football I have gained links and built relationships with some of the top specialists in Scotland and across the UK, who can be called upon when appropriate. This is something we are looking to build on within the clinic as we are aware there is understandably a huge issue with waiting list times nationally."

David added that, "providing a high level of service is always required when working in a high paced sporting environment and this something I look forward to providing to everyone."

"There can often be a big gap between typical rehabilitation and performance. I find it extremely important to take the time to discuss each individuals training requirements and goals and then tailor their rehabilitation plan to this. At the end stage this can either take the form of pitch based rehabilitation sessions, detailed plans with regards to load progressions whether this be swimming, running, cycling, climbing etc."

If you would like to book in to see physiotherapist David MacFadyen at Physio Inverness please book online here or give us a call on 07470639020 to book or discuss your query/requirements. We look forward to welcoming you to clinic and providing you with a comprehensive service to meet your injury needs.