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An injury is an opportunity to improve performance

Physiotherapist Sean Webb shares his positive outlook on injuries…

Can you improve your performance whilst injured?

An injury can be an opportunity. It can give you time to work on other areas and come back stronger and faster!

There a number of elements you may want to think about when injured which may make you better after the injury has healed.

Set Goals

This may be an opportunity to work on another element of your performance such improving you’re swimming or cycling times if unable to run as part of triathlon training. Alternatively, it may be to improve your upper body strength if unable to work your lower body due injury.

Cross train as soon as possible

Cross training allows you to maintain your cardiovascular fitness but it is important to try and mirror the intensity and volume of training you would normal do.

Include strength and conditioning exercise as well as rehab work

It is important to look at general strength and conditioning exercises which can be done without aggravating your injury which will mean you actually come back stronger!!

Focus on optimising technique to improve performance

There may be an opportunity to work on running technique drills which generally produce low loads to the injured area which could address some reasons for the injury in the first place.

Consider modifying other factors which improve performance including:

  • Sleep- Do you get 8 hours per night?
  • Diet- Do you eat a healthy/balanced diet?
  • Lifestyle- Are your stress levels well controlled?

Ensure you stay involved with your team or club

Consider athlete working with a role model e.g. higher level runner at your club

Maintain social side of sport despite injury therefore continue to attend training sessions or games

Use support from friends and family to stay positive

Be positive about return to sport

Rehab is never straight forward and having a positive outlook is a strong indicator of recovery from injury.

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